Rolling out the Red Carpet!

Grow as we Go.


 First and foremost, A warm greeting from me. I hope you are doing well.

Hi! I’m Simma. In this realistic filled life, I’m a girl living with a brain full of fantasies.I lived half of my life wishing to do a lot of things and how I want to be in my life but not acting on it. Like what I said earlier, fantasied. 

But, no more fantasizing.

This is the first step of me acting on the SIMMA I always use to see in my head. I started this blog To work on my way of delivering my thoughts, To improve my writing skills, and To share because… SHARING IS CARING. 

 I might share some tips, a short story about some interesting event in my life, my findings more and more and more! Here,  Here in this field. Is where I spill my words. I hope you would enjoy reading my words as much as I do writing them. The free ticket to join a trip with my unstoppable train of thoughts!

Reminder: ” You are Worth it. YOU ALWAYS ARE. “

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